1. 2013 - MayQueen is a Women's Apparel brand in Taiwan at first, the founder handover this brand to a embedded guy before move his business to China.
  2. 2014 - New founder redefinition MayQueen as a brand of technology company, and make some design service for Linux based software.
  3. 2015 to 2017 - MayQueen starting made its own Mini PC combine Linux based operating system and open source hardware.
  4. 2018 - Reborn year, MayQueen registed company in HongKong named "MayQueen Technologies Limited", and will provide self made embedded solutions to you with best services.

MayQueen customers are come from everywhere including commercial/industrial applications, automotive, kiock, gaming and internet-of-things, it means we not only have good software service, but also have good quality hardware solution, all hardware boards was qualified via RoHS, CE, and ISO-9001, ISO-14001 from our partners of manufacturer.
However, MayQueen also has a ecosystem in order to keep enhanced the power of development, means "MayQueen LAB" including very good software design partners, welcome to adapted our ecosystem, change the world better together.