NutsBoard Launches Pistachio-LITE And access MQ in partner program

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We're so happy to launch that Pistachio-LITE with our Developing Debian 9.3 image of NutsBoard, added a our own Board Support Package to the MayQueen Technologies Pistachio-LITE.

NutsBoard is our one of important partners which focus on arm based embedded solutions with open source software, MayQueen Technologies also has a system integrator for arm based solutions, so we're so happy co-work together.

And we will have more news for Pistachio-LITE developers, NutsBoard official is just released Android 7.1 already, but MayQueen also development a Debian 9.3 Desktop with Linux Kernel 4.9.

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About Debian

Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions and is the base for many of the other distributions that exist including Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

It is a community distribution and only ships with free software and free drivers. The Debian repositories have thousands of applications and there are versions available for a large number of hardware embedded devices.

About MayQueen Technologies

We're not only just be a pure agent only, but also develop good operating system or applications for you, no matter automation or multimedia market, we hope can provide best quality to you, because of this point, we're very cautions to choose our board computing partners, they need to be certified ISO-9001 first, so trust us can help you quick to market for your applications.