In order to solve the points of embedded system integration, let the customer's products fast to market, MayQueen Technologies provides three main solutions:

Long Term Support SDK

Target: Ths users have an idea about embedded system products, choosing our hardware products with open source SDK, and easy to developing and fast to the market. In addition, the environment change very fast, we hope to be able to keep up with the change of the market, so the software SDK are long term support and keep upgradeing to match any new technologies for users.

LTS SDK includes:

  • Linux SDK
    • U-boot
    • Linux Kernel
  • Buildroot OS
  • Yocto OS

Secureable OS

Target:: In the embedded world, the most important things is the system must be safety, security and stability, so we provide custom open source OS base on Android and Debian OS which both have very good structure, let the users don't need spend effort to check the OS part, foucs on the application developing, very suitable on industrial PC, HMI and other special applications, most of all.

OS release includes::

  • Industrial Android
    • Industrial interface supporting
      • UART
      • CAN BUS
      • DI/DO
      • Modbus
    • Android Treble
    • Fastboot, OTA
    • Fully Selinux supporting
  • Debian / Ubuntu
    • Custom compile script
    • Minimal / Desktop revision
    • GPU/VPU hardware acceleration